NFL Picks for This Week - Make Sure You Have the Right Ones

NFL picks and predictions, the most exciting part of sports betting season. Betting on football is not just about picking the right team, or the player to play. It is also about understanding how the odds are calculated and what factors influence the outcome of a game. You should also know what your specific NFL picks will do once you place them down on paper. Knowing this information will let you maximize the value of your investment and further ensure that you win every bet that you place!

With the introduction of the NFL pod casts, and other weekly NFL picks shows, the NFL picks and predictions have taken another leap. There really is so much more to digest when consider the NFL picks for Week 10 of next year. Shock losing teams from last year's NFL playoffs, surprising win over top teams from last season and even free agent pickups by some players, there is truly something for every sports bettors to take a look at. To learn more about nfl picks and predictions, click here:

One interesting trend that has been developing is teams that are behind in the polls or betting games early in the season are quickly dropping down in the polls and betting lines. So why is this? Is there an unseen energy and sense of confidence for these teams that tells them they are headed to win? Well, it could very well be the rookies that have been acquired and why many feel like they have underachieved so far.

A team that was missing a number one wide receiver, a star quarterback, and two All-Star caliber defensive players suddenly has all the ingredients to turn things around. It's as if the NFL picks and predictions had a big handicap last week. The Atlanta Falcons were the big story, but they lost to the hated Saints anyway. If the falcons can't go on a winning streak, will they even be in the playoffs?

One of my favorite nfl picks of late is the Tennessee Titans. I love the way they are playing right now, they have given up the most points against the pass but still managed to win and come away with a victory. The biggest reason for their success has been the play of Charlie Frye, who is coming back form a torn Achilles tendon and has impressed everyone with his performance. He has been extremely accurate and tough at throw the football, especially on the sideline. With Matt Ryan leading the offense, it is clear that the running game has been hurting the Titans lately. If Matt Ryan can just find a way to stay healthy this year, I am pretty sure that the Tennessee Titans will be a sneaky dangerous team to take a shot at in the playoffs.

As for my NFL picks for this Sunday's game, I have the Chargers and Jets as my picks. With so many injuries to key players, I think the New York Jets will be the team to lose this one. I also think that the San Diego Chargers will be able to squeak out a victory over the visiting Dallas Cowboys. Last week was just one game, however it gave us an idea of what this year holds for both teams. I hope you enjoyed reading about the NFL picks for this week and the rest of the season. Knowledge is power and so you would like to top up what you have learned in this article at

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